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For many, the path to God begins with a sudden loss or tragedy. For others of us we feel an inner impulse, a calling, an awakening which draws us to seek the answers to ever increasing questions which arise and the intense pulling of our souls toward a Divine destiny. 

However the journey back to God begins, know that the answer to every question and the solution to every problem is available to you now.

We have not been left alone to our own devices. When the Master Teacher Jesus left the planet, he promised that a teacher would be sent. A teacher available to us all.

That teacher is always ready to help you understand your current situation and how to traverse it safely.

We, here at Channels of Light are happy to serve you to greater understanding and use of the principles taught in the Great Scriptures of the World.

Who you are is the Essence of Love.

You never need fear, being alone.

The love of God is always near.

You are surrounded by a Group of

Beings who love and support you. Who are

beaming an unimaginable love to you at all

times. You may or may not be aware of these Loving presences, yet They are with you,

Loving, watching over, protecting and

sending you love.


None of us are here to live this life alone.

Solitude is wonderful, yet to live a full life,

we need each other in honest relationships.

Anything any of us need

to be happy, we already 

have. So as you engage

the world. Let Gratitude

be the energy in every

moment and Trust

that your needs

are already met.


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