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Deena Efferson - Author of the Best Seller Snippets of Peace: My Devotion is a seasoned practitioner in both allopathic and alternative therapies. A Mind, Body and Energy Therapist with over 40 years of experience, Deena embraces a multi-dimensional approach to healing, acknowledging our complex nature as beings which she discusses at length with various guests on her podcast Enlightened Possibilities.


As a Spiritual Advisor, Counselor, Teacher, Healer, and Musician, she has honed her skills in various modalities, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, Holistic Health Counseling, Reiki Master, Reconnection/Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, and Music Director / Therapist.


With a focus on individuality, Deena's practice revolves around creating personalized treatment plans that assist her clients in rediscovering their life purpose, manifesting their dreams, and attaining radiant health and lasting happiness.

Announcing her new book Reflections of the Mind, Mirrored by the Soul, which will be released very soon.

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Deena's Role

Role of Deena Efferson-Williams:

Deena Efferson-Williams plays a pivotal role as a founding member of the board of Channels of Light - A Wisdom of the Heart Church. Her responsibilities encompass a wide range of leadership, healing, and guiding functions:

1.     Collaborative Leadership: Deena collaborates with fellow board members, community leaders, businesses, and local agencies. She ensures that the pressing needs of the community are accurately identified and brought to the attention of organizing committees. Her collaborative efforts lay the foundation for impactful initiatives that serve the community's best interests.

2.     Strategic Implementation: Deena's role involves translating community needs into actionable initiatives. She takes a hands-on approach in steering the implementation of projects that will bring the most beneficial outcomes for the community, aligning these initiatives with the broader vision of the church.

3.     Service Organization: Deena's dedication to moving the vision forward is coupled with a profound understanding of individual strengths and gifts. She fosters an environment where everyone's unique talents are harnessed in service to the collective goals envisioned by the church.

4.     Spiritual Guidance and Counseling: Deena's expertise as a Spiritual Advisor and Counselor equips her to offer guidance and counseling to individuals seeking deeper meaning, clarity, and growth. She provides a safe space for people to explore their spiritual journeys and navigate life's challenges.

5.     Educational Endeavors: As a Teacher, Deena imparts her knowledge to the community through classes. Her teachings cover diverse topics, including holistic health, spiritual growth, and personal development, fostering a learning environment that nurtures personal transformation.

6.     Holistic Healing: Deena's proficiency in various healing modalities, such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Yoga Therapy, and Reiki, positions her as a transformative Healer. She employs these modalities to address physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of well-being.

7.     Musical Expression: Deena's talents extend to the realm of Music, where she serves as a Music Director and Therapist. Her musical contributions add a unique dimension to the church's offerings, providing a source of solace, inspiration, and healing for the community.

8.     Individualized Treatment: With a strong focus on individuality, Deena crafts personalized treatment plans that empower her clients to rediscover their life purpose, manifest their dreams, and attain lasting happiness. Her approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual's journey.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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